Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) is an initiative of National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi. The aim was to develop an institutional mechanism to create entrepreneurial culture in academic institutions to foster growth of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the faculty and students.

Every year this centre provides financial support to a good number of students for developing innovative products. Up to one lakh rupees is made available for each idea. Apart from this financial support we are providing mentoring and Infrastructural support for these projects. Also this centre arranges many classes and camps to promote technology based innovation and entrepreneurship among the students.

Inspiration behind the starting of IEDC


Business Skill Development Programme

Business Skill Development Programme (BSDP) is a training programme which is being sponsored and supported by The Ministry of Micro, Small Medium Enterprises (MSME), New Delhi. With an aim to encourage the students to start self employment ventures as Micro, Small or Medium enterprises which is instrumental to employment generation.

Product Development

In association with various Government agencies and by utilizing the technical resources of Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, we have developed a lot of new innovative socially useful products. A few of the examples are mentioned below:

  1. Intelligent Light Dimmer: In this fast growing times, a lot of accidents are reported due to the temporary blindness created owing to the High beam of the headlights of the vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Amal Jyothi has taken this nationally important problem as a challenge and developed an automatic light dimmer which will actuate without the help of human interference. This project was supported and sponsored by the Government of Kerala.
  2. Automated Rubber tapping machine: Kerala is a state having vast areas of rubber cultivation and all are facing huge labor shortage to tap the trees. To overcome this crises Amal Jyothi is developing an Automated Rubber tapping machine in association with the Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII)
  3. Coconut Climbing Machine: The Department of Industries and Commerce, Govt. of Kerala has organized a nationwide competition for developing a Coconut Climbing Machine, to avoid the acute labor shortage in this field. From this competition eight ideas were selected for product development, out of these, two projects are from Amal Jyothi College of Engineering. They are the creations of: Mr John Jose Pattery, final year Mechanical Engineering. 2. Mr. Zacharias Mathew, Chief Technical officer.
  4. Robo for Bore Well Rescue: A robot for rescuing children from tube wells has been developed by our students, this project is funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, Govt. of India.
  5. Pedal Powered Inverter: We developed an inverter which uses mechanical power to charge the battery of the inverter. The source of this mechanical power is through pedaling of an exercises cycle. This project is funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, Govt. of India.
  6. Digital pre paid energy meter: This is an energy meter which can charge like a pre-paid mobile and can control number of energy meters from one central station. This will help towards energy conservation as well. This project is funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi Govt. of India.
  7. Driver’s Assistant: To make the drivers more alert about road sign boards our students have developed a new equipment, which is funded by Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, Govt. of India.
  8. Internet Radio: With an aim to promote internet communication, our students have started an internet radio which will be converted to a technical knowledge source within a short span of time. This programme is taking place in association with Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi, Govt. of India.